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“I Have a Dream”

May 7, 2013 - charlene

Martin Luther King Jnr. made his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech sharing the vision of children of different races and socio-economic classes being able to share and enjoy life together. I wish he could have been with us when we visited the Sinekhono project a few weeks ago.

We went to support and encourage the Sinekhono feeding project  in Gcilima, not far from San Lameer on the KZN Southcoast. The first wave of children came to eat their lunch and  as they did my 20 month old son, Caleb made friends with two of the boys. They sat down on a bench together and the two boys started sharing their lunch with him. The incredible part of this story is that these children probably only had that meal for the day yet they shared with a little boy who could probably eat them under the table.

Two things made this moment special for me. Firstly here were three young boys sitting eating together oblivious of their differences. They were just enjoying being around each other. The two boys gave of the little they had with no prejudice or bias. They embraced him and just as freely as they had received, so too they freely gave. Jesus spoke of needing to be like a child to inherit the kingdom of God. I think this is what he meant.

The second was that I have the privilege of my son experiencing caring for people from the very earliest age. As parents we set the example that our children will follow and our legacy will be lived out as they live whatever they have learnt from us. I know that the experiences that Caleb has growing up and the diversity of those experiences will equip him to be a nation builder, history maker and life changer.

As parents we need to dream about the country we want our children to grow up in and do everything we can to ensure that they live in their reality what was our dream.

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