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Abortion laws made stricter in Texas

July 17, 2013 - charlene

Just last week a new law was passed in Texas, USA that makes abortions after 20 weeks illegal. The law also looks to tighten up stricter requirments for abortion clinics that will see the closing of many clinics throughout the state.

In South Africa abortion is being seen as an ‘easy’ way to get rid of the problem of over population. ‘Safe’ and ‘pain free’ abortions are being advertised at taxi ranks and close to townships offering pregnant ladies a way out from caring for a raising the child. In South Africa we realise that many girls are raped and fall pregnant against their will and desire. However we still need to honour and fight for the sanctity of human life. Offering abortions as an alternative does not change the societal mindset around morality, rape, power and sexuality.

We need to be supportive of and protect families, guide young people in making healthy sexual choices -abstinence until marriage and then faithfulness in marriage is the best- and where possible be available for providing homes through adoption for the children whose families can not look after them.

We need to be aware too that there is no such thing as a safe or pain free abortion. In an abortion somebody always dies and the person who lives is scarred for life. I have met and worked with too many ladies who have experienced incredible ongoing trauma and guilt aside from health related problems because of abortions.

Let’s fight for the children who cant fight for themselves. Let’s make people aware that there is a better way to beat the issues of overpopulation and poverty other than killing off inoccent children.

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