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African Reality

July 17, 2013 - charlene

J-Life ministries recently had their interns in an intensive training session that included what they called “An African Reality”.

The interns were woken up at 5am and given R30 each. They then had to hand back R4 for rent and were sent off to town via a mini-bus taxi with the remainder of their money. The taxi return fare would be R14 leaving them with R12 each. That money had to buy them food for the day and any other items they needed to purchase.

A few of them teamed up and made little crosses from palm branches which they gave away for donations at the Margate beachfront. To their surprise they collected a decent amount of money which they kept on their return to training.

That evening they were informed that they would be using whatever money they had collected to buy food for a soup kitchen in a local township. The following day they were able to use what they had made to buy vegetables and soup ingredients and serve a group of ladies in Masinenge who suffer from HIV and TB as well as some children from a local creche.

In just two days these young people learned what it was like to walk in the average South African’s shoes and were able to be a blessing over and above that.

Why don’t you and some friends get creative and do something similar? Live on R30 per day for a few days and use the money you would spend on other items and donate it to a justice project like a creche, soup kitchen or any other charity.

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