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July 18, 2013 - charlene

18 July stands as a national day celebrating the life and work, the struggle and the sacrifice of our beloved Nelson Mandela. Madiba will be affectionately remembered as the father of the Rainbow Nation, the unifying factor of a divided country and the commander-in-chief of the nation’s fight against social-injustice.

I love the fact that his legacy inspires people each year to make a difference. Long after he has died and his stories are being told of what he did, to children who would never have seen him alive, I hope that people will still be inspired to make a difference.

However one day a year for an hour is not what our nation needs. We need to build a country of citizens living lives of social-justice. We need to make lifestyle decisions that say, I love my neighbour as myself. When we do that we will build the nation that Madiba envisioned.

Funnily enough this is what Jesus called his disciples to do 2000years ago. This is what his instructions to Israel were when he gave them their laws through Moses establishing a nation on righteousness and justice.

Once we have done our hour of serving today, let us as a nation commit to living a life that seeks to overcome the injustices of this world and promote right relationships that honour the image of God that all people are made in.

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