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Sinekhono Feeding Project

July 29, 2013 - charlene

SINEKHONO PROJECT: A bright future and glorious past
We have exciting breaking news. As of Wednesday 24 July The Sinekhono Project is under new management. Southcity Cares has joined with Sinekhono to establish a new Board and management structure. We know this will allow the release of a great future for the people affected by the relationship that has now been formally established.

The new board consists of three people from the original Sinekhono Project’s founding committee and three representatives from Southcity Cares.

The new board is now:
Chair Person: Mark Russell
Vice Chair: Janet Gumede
Secretary: Duane Wood
Community Representative Gcilima: Sfiso Ngcungama and Meslina Koba
Community Representative SouthCity: Rob Hoatsen

Honouring the history, looking forward to the future
Mrs Janet Gumede is the founding member of the Sinekhono Women’s Group that established the feeding project after seeing destitute orphaned children sleeping under bushes in the Gcilima area. Together with some other ladies they established the project that would see these children being fed and cared for.

Janet has graciously handed over the chairperson seat to myself and as we work together according to our strengths I look forward to learning more about this wonderful lady.

Peter Roux stepped into a gap of overseeing the Sinekhono Project and has poured his life, at great cost into seeing that it continued to operate. Peter is an evangelist and his passion is pouring God’s love into the lives of the children there. With the new management structure, Peter will be released to do what he is most passionate about and essentially the reason why he got involved with Sinekhono in the first place.

The bright future
With volunteers and networking we look forward growing the span of carers and givers and care givers in being able to see the lives of these children established in God’s love.

At present the orphan crisis is growing and Sinekhono’s long term vision is to establish a place of safety for children in the area. Please consider joining us in seeing this come into being.

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