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About Us

‘Southcity Cares’ comprises a registered legal entity NPO and PBO which facilitates the community to carry out God’s mandate for justice and mercy through partnering with individuals, other churches, businesses, Non Profit Organisation’s, Community Benefit Organisations (CBO’s) and Community projects.

‘Southcity Cares’ is registered as Nakekela -‘we care’ in Zulu- an NPO and PBO with the Department of Social Welfare, operating as the justice and mercy ministries of Southcity.

NPO no. 083-137
PBO no. 930034147

Organisational structure

‘Southcity Cares’ is overseen by a board consisting of leadership from Southcity elected according to the established constitution. The operations are lead by the director of ‘Southcity Cares’ with administrative assistance from the staff of Southcity Church International office.