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Our Mission

‘Southcity Cares’ exists as a community partnering with communities to build a community.

‘Southcity Cares’ exists as a community from Southcity Church and Schools partnering with the community of local churches, businesses, Non-Profit Organisations, Community Benefit Organisations and Community Projects to build a community representing the Kingdom of God on the Hibiscus Coast of Kwazulu Natal.

How we operate

‘Southcity Cares’ aims to be a conduit of grace as we serve community work through partnering to provide:


The need for community development is too great for one organisation or even for provincial or national government to achieve. Through partnering we can assist each group to enhance the capacity for what they are already doing allowing them to focus on the part they are playing without becoming isolated from other needs and partners. Partnering allows for a multitude of needs to be met and avoids competition amongst groups doing the same or similar work. A community is built on righteous relationships and so we aim to see the community of the Hibiscus Coast grown through developing relationships with each other.

Christ centred partnerships

‘Southcity Cares’ exists because of the grace of God shown to us in Jesus Christ and therefore as a response to that grace we share it with others. It is for this reason that our partnerships will be with people and organisations who are serving the community for the purpose of seeing the Kingdom of God established through displaying the love of God and his government to our communities.
We do realise that many suppliers of resources may or may not ascribe to Christianity. These relationships will not require having a Christian focus but will be required to be legal businesses of whom the management board of ‘Southcity Cares’ would not object to promote.

Criteria for partnership

  1. The organisation or individual should be acting to see Jesus Christ glorified through the work that they are doing.
  2. The partnering individual or organisation’s work must allow for the gospel to be shared and through ongoing relationship for growing the people they serve to maturity in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. The organisation or individual must be operating in a legal capacity or allow for assistance in transforming their operation into a legal capacity.
  4. Accountability and transparency in regards to operational procedures and stewardship of resources.
  5. Sustainability of the project or operation needs to be an objective of the individual or organisation.
  6. A ‘champion for the cause’ must be identified so that the project or operation is owned by a member of the community that it serves.

Partnerships through networking

‘Southcity Cares’ will utilise its own network to introduce, connect and develop relationships between organisations, projects and individuals who could benefit each other. We will thus act as conduits and mediators between resource providers, service providers and the work being done on the ground.


‘Southcity Cares’ aims to identify the felt and real needs of the project, individual or organisation that we are partnering with and to assist by sourcing partners that will be able to supply those needs. The needs may extend from financial, physical, advisory, training, administrative support and equipping, spiritual and profiling/reporting support.

Accountability and transparency: ‘Southcity Cares’ will provide all resource providers with regular updates and reports of how their resource has been utilised by the partnering organisation and what impact that has had on the community being served. In this way absolute accountability and transparency will be maintained between the partnering organisation and the resource provider. All finances and physical resources will be accounted for and receipts and proof of delivery will be relayed to the providers of those finances and resources.

Leadership development

‘Southcity Cares’ does not aim to take over or run existing projects or organisations but will provide and assist them with leadership development and guidance as is required to better equip that project or organisation.

Organizational structure

Many Community Projects are birthed by people with a desire to make a difference but at times lacks clear organizational structure that will assist them in sustainability and making them eligible for Corporate Social Investment funding. ‘Southcity Cares’ seeks to assist such projects in becoming sustainable and viable through clear structures and systems that will make networking easier for them.


‘Southcity Cares’ will mobilise the community of Southcity Church and Schools to become involved on a volunteer capacity with partnering projects and organisations. These will be run as either once off projects or ongoing volunteer services depending on the need and availability of volunteers.

Spiritual support

Our objective is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform individuals and communities and as those individuals submit to the Lordship of Jesus we will see the Kingdom of God evidenced in their lives. We will therefore provide spiritual support through ongoing prayer, teaching, counselling and community worship opportunities.

As we develop relationships with existing projects or assist in pioneering projects we will serve the project or organisation to be more effective in what they do by utilising our gifts, skills, resources and networks.

Through partnerships we will create relationships that will span across racial and socio-economic divides with the intention of seeing reconciliation and true community developing.