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Mbokodo Women’s Group

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Mbokodo operates in Masinenge township in Uvongo. This community comprises of approximately 3000 people most of which live in informal housing. The women’s group was began to empower impoverished and abused ladies within the community and to improve the living conditions of the people of Masinenge. Through their action a food garden has been established, a crèche and feeding scheme setup for children, support groups for rape and abuse survivors and sewing skills taught to ladies in need of any income.

‘Southcity Cares’ has assisted in the collection and distribution of blankets and clothing for HIV and TB sufferers, a temporary soup kitchen through the South Coast Recovery Centre during the terrible storms of last winter, provision of building materials for homes after a shack fire, litter cleanup on the streets and a collection of clothing items sold to assist the running costs of the food garden. We are currently in partnership with Gates of Praise Church assisting Mbokodo in establishing an organizational structure, rewriting their constitution and aiding their accountability structures.