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Disclaimer:  While Southcity Cares promotes enhancing our understanding of justice and mercy issues, we may not agree with everything mentioned or portrayed in the recommended resources.

Helpful Books

  1. ‘Generous Justice’ by Timothy Keller
  2. ‘When helping hurts’ by Steve Corbitt and Brian Fikkert
  3. ‘Radical, taking back your faith’ by David Platt

Helpful Movies

  1. ‘Amazing Grace’ the story of William Wilberforce’s fight for the abolition of slavery.
  2. ‘Les Misrables’ displays the injustices of socio-economic position and the law verses grace.
  3. ‘The Blindside’ tells the true story of how a family is changed and changes a young man that they adopt.
  4. ‘Totsi’ reveals the difficulties of life in South African townships. The struggle to survive against the mountain of poverty and the consequence of a fatherless generation.

Helpful Websites Addressing Justice Issues

Desiring God :






Family Policy Institute : http://www.givengain.com

Christian Action : http://www.christianaction.org.za

International Justice Ministry : http://www.ijm.org

Habitat for Humanity : http://www.habitat.org.za

Commongood Foundation : http://www.commongood.org.za

Domino Foundation : http://www.domino.org.za

Liv Villages : http://www.liv-village.com

The Warehouse : http://www.warehouse.org.za

Give a Child a Family : http://www.gcf.org.za