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At Southcity Christian College our vision is that we are competitive in all disciplines of sport offered at the School. Our aim is to be the top sports school on the South Coast.

Sport is where pupils learn important “life skills” such as teamwork, perseverance, communication, tolerance of others, attitude and sportsmanship.

At Southcity Christian College it is compulsory for every pupil to participate in at least one sport per term ( at least 2 afternoons of sport). We have included sports which allow every pupil to participate in competitive or social sports.

The interest in competitive sport has grown and we are able to field 3 Cricket teams, 4 Rugby Teams, 4 Girls Hockey Teams, 3 Boys Hockey Teams, 3 Netball Teams, 5 Boys Soccer Teams, 3 Girls Soccer Teams, 2 Girls Touch Rugby Teams, 2 Boys Water polo Teams, 2 Girls Water polo Teams, A swimming Team of 50 pupils and an Athletics Team of 80 pupils.

For the less competitive pupils we have increased the number of Sports options and have included a Girls Walking Club, Girls Zumba , Boys Basketball and Boys Fun, Fit and Strong. At Fun, Fit and Strong the boys play touch rugby, soccer, basketball, and handball, run cross country, and do fitness tests amongst other things. These 4 sporting options have been included so that pupils have the opportunity to participate in sport at a social level, get fit and improve their skills, all while having fun.

While we are competitive and will always play our strongest team; sportsmanship is of utmost importance. Pupils are taught to behave properly and to accept umpiring/refereeing decisions without any display of dissent whatsoever. Any breaches of conduct of a serious nature involving dissent, foul play, bad behaviour, etc. will be dealt with by the Sports Coordinator. We do not allow the use of Anabolic Steroids or Performance Enhancing Drugs and offenders will be dealt with appropriately in accordance with the Drug, Steroids and Performance Enhancer Drug Policy. At Southcity Christian College we do not promote the use of Sports Supplements.

Every pupil is encouraged to always give of their best, play hard and enjoy the game. For updated results & photo’s join us on FaceBook.

SwimmingBoys HockeyBoys SoccerWaterpolo
1st RugbyGirls HockeyGirls SoccerGirls Touch Rugby
1st Boys HockeyNetballBoys WaterpoloBoys Basketball
1st Girls HockeyBoys BasketballGirls WaterpoloBoys Fun, Fit &
1st NetballBoys Fun, Fit &
Boys BasketballGirls Zumba®
Boys BasketballGirls Zumba®Boys Fun, Fit &
Girls Walking Club
Boys Fun, Fit &
Girls Walking ClubGirls Zumba®
Girls Zumba®Girls Walking Club
Girls Walking Club


2012LSC Swimming Champs

2nd in LSC Girls Hockey League

45 pupils represented the South Coast, KZN and South Africa respectively at

various sporting codes
2013After winning the “B” League Gala we have been promoted to the “A” League in 2014

6 pupils represented Southern KZN (UGU) Cricket

10 pupils made the UGU District Girls Hockey team

12 (more) pupils made the UGU District Boys Hockey team

4 girls made the Southern KZN Netball teams

1 girl has made the KZN Netball team


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