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Schools Overview

Schools Overview

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way they should go.

From small beginnings in 1988, Southcity Christian Schools has developed into what we believe is the leading school on the South Coast of KZN. Set on pristine, neat grounds with a magnificent view overlooking the beautiful Ramsgate village and the Indian Ocean, we are indeed privileged to watch the whales at play and savour the ocean breeze daily. Sounds incredible – but its true!

Southcity Christian Schools’ is an affordable, co-educational, independent school, registered as a NPO, a PBO and is also registered with the Department of Education. The Executive Board of Directors, under which Southcity Christian Schools operates, consists solely of the elders of Southcity Church. The Executive Board of Directors is responsible for setting the vision, direction, values, and strategy of the schools.

As a private, Christian lead organization, opportunities for ministry to take place in SCS are consistently created. Ministry is generally carried out by men and women Southcity Church have a relationship with and trust. The environment in which learners are educated is determined by Christ-followers and as such, the expectation is that every learner is exposed to the Christian life and the person of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. The School makes consistent donations from their funds into Christian community work according to Biblical understanding.

We offer a balanced, Christian education to potentially more than 800 pupils ranging from Grade 000 to Grade 12, operating under the Independent Education Board syllabus.

There are two schools, each managed by a Head of School.

  • Preparatory: Grade 000 to Grade 7
    Headmistress: Mrs Sparrow
  • College: Grade 8 to Grade 12
    Headmistress: Mrs Lourens

Our academic Staff consists of qualified educators whom are all Christians and teach from a Christian worldview. Together we form a dedicated and highly committed team of teachers who have the well-being of every individual that we teach at heart and we are determined to set a wonderful example, in speech and conduct, for your child/children to model.

Southcity Christian Schools’ has become a force to be reckoned with on the sports fields of the coast and in the greater Durban area. We offer all traditional boys’ and girls’ sport. Southcity also has a very busy Cultural program. Activities include an annual school play in each school, debating, Rotary Speech Competition, drama, choir, House plays, Art Club, Olympiads, Eisteddfod’s and a Revue.