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Social Awareness Programmes

The Preparatory School supports several community projects each year. These may differ from year to year but certain ones remain a fixture on our annual calendar. At Southcity we believe it is important that our children learn to be aware of the plight of others who live closely around us who are  in need. We highlight some of the community projects that we have supported recently.



Every year the Prep School pupils (from Grade 000 to Grade 7) collect previously loved toys in good condition. These are distributed throughout the surrounding communities as gifts over the Christmas season. And every year we are astounded by the tremendous response of our parents and pupils who give so generously. We collect heaps of toys and these are collected by the Lions who arrive on their Harley Davidsons and other powerful motorbikes. What joy this brings to our children – to know where their donations are going and to witness the gratitude of this service club.



This past year saw the Prep School order Easter Egg Hampers from the Tablers, a portion of which went towards distributing easter eggs in all the hospitals, orphanages and homes in and around our community. Again, parents supported this wonderful project which we have no doubt brought much joy and excitement to many children.


The SPCA invites us to collect canned food and packets of dog and cat pellets to assist them in feeding the animals they care for. This worthy project is always well-supported and many valuable lessons are learned in caring for our own pets.


We are often asked to collect for other organisations such as Child Welfare, Hospice, Cansa and, last year, a home for the abused and abandoned women and children in our area. We choose one or two of these smaller projects each year and, as always, our parents and pupils show their willingness to share with and care for others.



The Senior Primary have been collecting for recycling for several years and collect up to 3 tons of waste each year. Now we are excited to welcome the Pre-Primary and Junior Primary on board and are astounded as to the amount of waste materials we are able to send for recycling. It is amazing how “recycling minded” the children become and soon they are able to inform and educate their parents about the need to recycle, reduce and reuse.



Themba Club was established in 1994 and has been in operation for the past 22 years. Themba Club is home to many children who are orphans, children who have been abused or who have been found living on the street. Themba Club has two shelters, the boys’ residence is situated in Palm Beach and the girls’ residence is in Margate.

Themba Club is registered with the Department of Social Development as a temporary place of care, with the capacity to care for 50 children: 42 boys and 8 girls.

Themba Club relies on the department and the community for funding as it is a registered NGO. The funding from the department does not cover all the expenses of effectively looking after the children.

Southcity has been involved in helping Themba Club since last year (2015).

In Term 1 of 2015, the high school sponsored each child with an amount of R500 for new clothes and helped to renovate the boys’ bedrooms. The bedrooms were painted and each boy received brand new bedding, a Bible, new shoes, long pants, soccer kit, soccer boots, a towel, and some toiletries.

In term 3 of 2015, the high school students spent a day at Themba Club playing games with the children. They also spent some time teaching them how to make various items of décor using wooden pallets that they could sell at the Mardi Gras.

In term 4 of 2015, Themba Club faced the real threat of closing down due to financial difficulties. Southcity Christian Schools collected food for Themba Club from which they are still currently benefiting. This food donation helped them to halve their grocery bill.

Without Themba Club, many of these children would have no place to call home, as the majority of the orphanages in South Africa are closing down due to a lack of finances. Our goal is to assist Themba Club in remaining operational so that they can continue to protect and rehabilitate the children in need.